Welcome to Benchimol Eye Clinic

For you who come from another country or state to your eye care with us, whether cataract surgery is surgery of myopia or any other treatment, it's really an honor to welcome you and we will do everything to match your trust.

The best way to a good use of your time is to start with your schedule online: or by phone: +55 21 3816-7000.

If you prefer, leave your phone or your email address to get in touch.

Some questions can be taken at our website: and also by phone or email..

Our Clinic is located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, where we have many hotels to tell you. The closest hotel is Canada, which is opposite the clinic.

We also have nearby hotels five star hotels such as the Marriott Hotel (two blocks from the clinic) and the Hotel Copacabana Palace (eight blocks).

The procedure

After being hosted, the patient should go to the Eye Clinic Benchimol, marked the date and time, to perform all necessary tests and consultation of medical evaluation. Completed its consultation and made the analysis of their examinations, surgery has a third eye can be performed in the same day or next day.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia without sedation and with injections. It is a completely painless procedure, lasting about ten minutes. Their realization is given in our own Surgical Center, exclusively for ophthalmology.

We are certified Gold 3M sterilization and are classified as Category A by the Hospital Association of Rio de Janeiro.

All materials used are of certified companies, and the intraocular lenses, used in cataract surgery, custom, not only for improvement of vision, as well as greater independence from glasses.

After surgery, the patient is evaluated by our team of anesthesiologist and cardiologist, was discharged and may return to your hotel.

Visual recovery is rapid, with a feeling of immediate improvement of vision, according to each case.

The medical review is done the next day, when the initial result will be evaluated and, if necessary, scheduled for the 2nd eye surgery the next day.

We recommend three days to receive high, so it will take only five days to perform cataract surgery or myopia in both eyes.

To learn about costs, contact with industry markup of surgery by phone +55 21 3816-7000 and pre-examination by telephone +55 21 3816-7038and +55 21 3816-7039 or email